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Best Champagne Gift Sets

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Nothing says celebrate more than champagne and sparkling wines gifts.  Champagne is the Gets gifts of choice whenever a friend or family member is celebrating a milestone event.  When nieces and nephews turn 21, in homage to Uncle Len’s 21st birthday gift to Matt, we always send a special bottle of champagne and a set of champagne flutes. When friends’ children get engaged, we also send a sparkling beverage but instead of flutes we generally choose to include an exquisite champagne chiller.  And on very rare occasion, when we have needed to send a very special closing gift upon completion of an important business deal, we have even sprung for this stunning nickel and rose-quartz champagne bucket.


In addition to the quality of the champagne, we also pay heed to presentation. No matter the price point, we always try to choose a gift that will wow! A bottle of champagne delivered in a paper bag with a straggly bow will not make the same lasting impression as that same bottle delivered in a chic burlwood box. Additionally, we always prefer a consumable gift be accompanied by a little something extra to keep forever (even if it is just a cheese knife or ramiken) so that our gift recipient will smile in remembrance long after the excitement of the celebration has faded.

One last note – most of the gifts featured are available with a choice of champagnes and sparkling wines that will work with a variety of budgets.

Engraved Champagne SaberChampagne and Chiller

Engraved Champagne Saber | Champagne and Chiller

Grand Champagne Celebration

Champagne & Caviar Experience

Grand Champagne Celebration | Champagne & Caviar Experience

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