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Gets love pets – all animals, big and small – so we have partnered with a whole slew of animal supply merchants to offer you the best of the best online pet care supplies, accessories, and advice including The Riding Corner and PETCO.

Great Gets Best Pet Tip!

Try saying that 5 times quickly

Buy your pet food online.  Rather than running out at the last minute to pick up heavy bags of pet food, order it online.  Here’s the deal, we recently began ordering our Tiger Lily’s 30# bags of Wellness Complete Health White Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food from PETCO online and love the convenience of free front door delivery and the ability to time our order to take advantage of the best discounts each month.

Want to see Tiger Lily all grown up?  Well first a quick story …

When we adopted Miss Tiger Lily she was just a few weeks old having been rescued from a home owned by an animal hoarder – Licorice (Tiger Lily’s  original name) was one of over a hundred animals rescued from a single house. As we were adopting her we wanted to make sure she was not going to be too large and the folks at the shelter assured us that we could expect her to be 35 pounds, maximum.  5 years later our adorable , lovable, oh so happy Tiger Lily tips the scales at 65 pounds, on a thin day.  In retrospect, we love having a large dog and have enjoyed many an hour trying to guess what kind of dog she might be.  Over the years we have periodically considered buying one of those  Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit  but so far have resisted the temptation.  We would love to hear your best guesses – right now we are leaning toward a flat coat retriever.

  Tiger Lily, All Grown Up

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