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The “On the Mark” Necklace has been our favorite arrow necklace for years and years. Unfortunately, it seems that Stella & Dot is no longer offering them for sale. If you are absolutely set on an “On the Mark ” necklace, we highly recommend checking Poshmark, eBay and Tradesy. 

Best Pi Beta Phi Arrow Necklace

In the meantime, we guess it is time to move on.  We are now on the search for a new piece of affordable jewelry with an iconic arrow that will embody the essence of a Pi Phi woman:  strong, bold, direct, and purposeful yet  subtle, delicate, and feminine. Ideally it is a beautiful arrow necklace which will be a must have for any Pi Beta Phi, pledge or alum.  Our new arrow necklace (or bracelet) will insist you buy one for yourself and one for your big and  little sister.  Not only will this necklace remind you of where you have been but it will also keep you pointed in the right direction going forward.

Best Pi Beta Phi Arrow Necklaces

Arrow Necklaces

And after a bit of searching, we think found a few good necklace options including this darling heart arrow locket which we think will be cherished forever and always by your little (or big).

Arrow Bracelets

Arrow Earrings

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