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Spring Cleaning Challenge >> Update your Sock Drawer!

Sock Genius

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We are in the throes of spring cleaner and have finally decided it is time to pull out Matt’s sock drawer and replace his lifetime collection of blue only socks with a whole new and fresh collection of beautifully made, comfortable, colorfully patterned socks.  Ok, yes it is true that when he was a child, his father put an end to the family sock war by assigning each boy their own sock color. Andy was assigned black, lucky Matt got the blue socks, and poor Tom was stuck with all the other colors. To this day, I think he still resents pulling the short straw.  So the more important question is what am I going to replace all those blue socks with?  Easy. Socks from Sock Genius. Check out the featured video and you too will want a whole new sock drawer!

Update your Sock Drawer!

In addition to all the fun colors and designs, these socks are fabulously made.  From their no slip double calf bands to the form fitting y stitched heel  and comfort toe stitch to the “300 needle” carded cotton construction for supreme softness and ultra elasticity. And even has a coordinating coral anchor tie to pull the look together, literally from head to toe!

Dare to be great! Replace your socks today 🙂

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