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Best Pet Gets – Award Winning Dog Treats

FTC Disclosure

I must admit, Greg gave me a pack of dog treats at a performance marketing meeting back in April. At the time I smiled politely when he earnestly stated he was convinced I would want to join the TruDog partner program once my dog tried these real meat treats.

My 11 year old “puppy” Tiger Lily is a bit picky about her treats. In fact, my favorite coffee gal, Jen, is always surprised when Tiger Lily turns her nose at the biscuit Jen so kindly offers her when we drive through the coffee stand. So I put the bag of TruDog TreatMe Diced Salmon Dog Treats in a drawer and pretty much forgot about them until last month. And it was only when I completely ran out of treats, I dug them up. Wow! Tiger Lily not only gobbled up her salmon treats, she actually started “begging” for them.  In the middle of the night she woke me up by pawing me and then led me to the drawer where I had stashed her new goodies.

Best Pet Gets – TruDog Treats

TruDog TreatMe Diced Salmon Dog Treats

TruDog TreatMe Diced Salmon Dog Treats

Dog Treats >> Tru Dog TreatMe

TruDog Treat Pack

TruDog Individual Treats

Dare to Be Great Award

So yes, Greg you were right! We are sold. In fact, we can count on one hand the number of times we have actually written a product endorsement let alone bestowed upon the company our Dare to be Great Award!



Latest Winner of Great Gets Dare to Be Great Award!

I really wish I had taken a photo of Tiger Lily and her TruDog Treats because if so, I would have added her to this collage of TruDog fans.

TruDog Dog Treat Fans

Yes, that is a very grainy pic of Tiger Lily with her new favorite treats 🙂

Tiger Lily with TruDog Treat Me Treats

Dare to be Great!

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