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Rent a Digital Camera Rather Than Investing in Quickly Outdated Equipment

Rent a Digital Camera Rather than Investing in Quicky Outdated Equipment

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Today’s Great Get! Are you hosting a special event  or taking a vacation and want photos that are seriously better than the ones you can capture via your phone camera? Do you have absolutely no interest in investing in a professional photographer let alone spring for the cost of quickly outdated digital camera equipment? Have we found an option for you! If you have not yet heard, BorrowLenses allows you to rent a digital camera and related equipment for a fraction of the cost of purchasing it.

We love this idea because seldom do most of us need to own a professional quality camera. A high quality digital camera would be great to have access to occasionally and we would be willing to be slightly inconvenienced by the need of advanced planning in exchange for the savings and ability to get the perfect camera for our current need.

Which Digital Camera to Rent

Rent a Digital Camera Rather than Investing in Quicky Outdated Equipment

Since we know so little about cameras, we have been reluctant to recommend any, but today we found this fabulous camera review by David Pogue on the Sony a6300 camera. And after checking that BorrowLenses actually carries this digital camera, felt compelled to share. According to the article this Sony a6300 mirrorless digital camera retails for $1,150 with a lens ($998.00 for the body only) but BorrowLenses offers the exact same Sony a6300 mirrorless digital camera for $68.00 plus the cost of a lens of your choosing.

Think Holiday Cards!

One more thought >> BorrowLenses even offers a three day digital camera rental option for just $47.00 plus the cost of the lens which might be ideal if you want to spend an entire weekend trying to capture the perfect holiday card photo. They even have portrait packages that include all the equipment needed for taking perfect portraits.

Below is the founder of Yahoo Tech, David Pogue’s entire review of the Sony a6300 digital camera.

By David Pogue.  Posted on Yahoo on August 19, 2016

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