College colors. College spirit. College roses.

FTD College Roses

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Today’s Great Get! Look what we found over at  >> FTD College Roses.

Update (5.07.19)!

We are so sorry. It looks as if FTD is no longer carrying college roses 🙁 

If you are a current student (or are related to one) these  fabulous  bi-color college roses bouquets can both be given and received for such special occasions as birthdays and graduation but they also make festive additions to homecoming events, college football games, Greek parties and “deliveries”, and best yet, to celebrate the many accomplishments and milestones reached throughout your life.

Whether you are an entering college freshman or a university alum, FTD offers an extraordinary selection of rainbow roses that will help you celebrate your school colors and your school spirit. Although they do not yet have vases that represent every university  (I am still annoyed they include UCLA in their college rose  collection but not USC – update!!!! USC is now being offered – Fight ON!!!!!)   FTD has indicated that it is working hard to forge relationships with more and more colleges across the county.

FTD College Roses

College colors. College spirit. College roses.

FTD College Roses Product Description

Hand gathered at select floral farms, remarkable roses display the bold team colors of your college and arrive accented wtih lush greens. Presented in a spirited college themed gift box, this gift is a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, homecomings, graduations and any of the accomplishments that students and alumni achieve throughout their lives.

Available in three sizes
6 roses with a glass vase tied with university ribbon – approximately 16″H x 10″W | 12 stems with etched glass vase – approximately 16″H x 12″W | 24 stems with etched glass vase –  approximately 18″H x 15″W.

So next time your are looking for that little something special to represent your college colors and college spirit – think  college roses!

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  • Maria
    May 5, 2019 at 7:37 am

    Does FTD still have the college rose collections for graduation? I don’t see them on their website anymore?

    • GreatGets
      May 7, 2019 at 10:29 pm

      Unfortunately it seems that FTD has discontinued their college roses. Very disappointing.


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