GRΣΔΤ Sigma Delta Tau Gifts

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We wanted take a moment to congratulate Sami and join her new sisters in welcoming her to the GRΣΔΤ life!  Sami, we know you will live up to the lofty ideals of your sisterhood and look forward to showering you with our favorite Sigma Delta Tau gifts & goodies. Keep checking back because now we are on the lookout for Teddy Bears, Golden Tea Roses and all things GRΣΔΤ!

GRΣΔΤ Sigma Delta Tau Gifts & Goodies

Can you ever have too many hair ties? Just curious, how many times a day do you pull your hair back in a hair tie?  And do you store your hair tie on your wrist when not in use?

These Rose Gold Teddy Bear Necklaces are the perfect Big – Little Gift!

Sigma Delta Tau Big Sister Little Sister Teddy Bear Matching Jewelry, GRΣΔΤ Sigma Delta Tau Gifts

Big Sister Little Sister Teddy Bear Necklaces(also available in gold & rose gold)

This yellow rose pendant make us smile! It is small enough to be charming rather than gaudy and the fact that it is made from a real rose elevates this necklace to the must have status.

Dare to be GRΣΔΤ!

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