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Kosher Wines & A Cool Way to Deal With Crumbling Corks

Kosher Wines

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With Passover quickly approaching we have begun exploring various options for purchasing a few cases of Kosher wines for our seders (Yes, we need quite a bit of wine to serve the 60+ guests over the two nights).this year, we turned to our friends over at and to see what they were offering.  Basically we look to KosherWine for good table wines. And as usual, they are offering mixed cases of wine starting at $149.37 during their annual Passover wine sale. On the other hand, JWines is our go to merchant for premier Kosher wines. These wines tend to be a bit more expensive but be sure to check out their sale page for some great gets! Both also offer wine club options, including an Israeli Wine Club, for all your Kosher gifting needs.

Kosher Wines

Passover Kosher Wine Sale

Passover Kosher Wine Sale >> |

If you are looking for more than wine for your seders, be sure to check out Everything Passover!. They have some pretty cool ideas for everything from paper Passover plates to place cards to great books for the kids.

Featured Video >> The Coolest Way To Open A Bottle Of Wine

So it was during this search for Passover wine that we discovered this great video featuring Jonathan Ross, a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park. Mr. Ross is responsible for resurrecting the old world tradition of using heated tongs to open wine. Placing the red hot metal around the neck, it makes a clean break leaving the cork intact. The method originated in Portugal as an alternative to opening very old bottles of wine with corks that tended to crumble from age.

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