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Smith College Mountain Day – A Beautiful, Inspiring Tradition

Smith College Mountain Day - A Beautiful, Inspiring Tradition

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Today is Mountain Day! The Smith College bells began to ring early this morning (October 5th) to announce that classes are suspended for the day. Students are free to go hiking, have picnics, pick apples at local farms, or just take a relaxing break. #smithmountainday

Happy Mountain Day!

Autumn Flower Cocktail

What a beautiful annual tradition!  Over the years I have attempted to convince schools, businesses, non-profits, and even families to institute their own version of Mountain Day – an unannounced mental health day, a day dedicated re-invigorating the soul.  So far no takers, but that won’t stop me from continuing to promote the concept of taking one day each year to step back and enjoy friendships, loved ones, and your natural surroundings.

The Dash Movie

So here’s a toast to Mountain Day!  May it inspire you to take time to to appreciate the beauty around you, to re-examine your priorities, and to make every day a Mountain Day.

If you get a minute be sure to check out The Dash (just click the play button in the header), an inspirational book and complimentary movie from the folks at Simple Truths.

Dare to be Great!

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