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Edible Art at Steirereck Restaurant in Vienna

Edible Art, Steirereck Restaurant, Vienna

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Matt & I are just back from Vienna, and as delicious as all our meals were, we are oh so ready to give up the deep fried Wiener Schnitzel in exchange for a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables and maybe even add a bit of yoga to our exercise regime. I am definitely planning to check out  Gaiam first thing Monday morning.  #GetHealthy

To be fair, not all of our meals in Vienna were quite so heavy.  We were fortunate to have been able to secure a lunch reservation at the acclaimed Steirereck Restaurant.  And yes, it is as interesting and fabulous as all the reviews claim (although personally, I think the owners need to add just a little something to the upstairs restaurant decor to make it feel a bit more special).  After harvesting our own radish greens to add to the chef’s first dish, I am inspired to start a microgreens garden.  The portions, though small, were delectable and should be viewed as edible art.  Check out these photos! And yes, we tried it all!

Steirereck Restaurant, Vienna Austria

In addition to harvesting our own greens, for our first courses, Matt ordered the char cooked in beeswax, a visually delightful experience, Paige and Izzy ordered the artichokes marinated and poached in white wine, coriander & lemon grass and I had the Viennese Wedding Soup – all three were fabulous!  For the main course, Izzy & Matt each had the barbecued sturgeon which looked better than it tasted although it was quite good, it was just not to my taste.  I chose another traditional Viennese dish, calves liver and again, loved it.  Paige enjoyed a steak prepared to perfection.  By the time dessert came we were all pretty full but the crispy deep fried crepe with Japanese Medlar and violet jam and powdered candied violets was superb.  Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the course of Citrus Fruits from Palais Schönbrunn particularly the Limequats. The coffee  was delicious but after we watched the waiter harvesting tea leaves at another table to prepare fresh tea, we all regretted our coffee decision.  Oops, almost forgot to mention the huge and amazing selection of breads.  We asked our waiter to create a custom medley for us and by the end of lunch, not a single piece was left! And just so you know exactly what you are eating, the Steirereck team provides each person a little card with each course outlining all the ingredients and preparation details- so cool and very helpful in jogging your culinary memories once you return home! We definitely need to pass this idea on to our friends at – it would make such a lovely touch at an elegant dinner party.

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