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Our friends over at tell us they recently conducted an informal non-scientific poll about the most stressful, anxiety producing aspects of planning and hosting the perfect event. 98.7% of their visitors responded that more than anything else they were consumed with losing 5-30 pounds prior to their big event. Losing weight beat out planning your meal, choosing the theme, decor, and party supplies, making your seating chart, and weight loss even topped finding the perfect outfit to wear. Here at, our own informal survey shows that the large majority of our friends, family, and acquaintances obsess about their weight not just when planning a celebration but rather all day, every day. Healthy living is their number one priority.

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So to help you get a jump start on your road to healthy living, we have researched the various diet plans out there and though we are not doctors or medical experts in any way, shape or form, in our heart of hearts, we believe that Weight Watchers is probably the healthiest and best plan available on the market today..

Weight Watchers works because it’s not just another diet. Weight Watchers has helped millions of people change their relationship with food for good. They know that weight loss is not easy. That’s why they combine a weight loss plan with customized support to help with the tricky partsYou’ll learn how to eat right and live healthy with the support of other Weight Watchers members working towards their own weight loss goals alongside you! With three equally effective membership options Weight Watchers has a program for everyone! Customized support, any way you want it.”

Weight Watchers Reimagined Program

Don’t wait to get started on your weight loss plan!

Dare to be Great!

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