Top 3 Holiday Card Enhancements

Creative Holiday Card Enhancements

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We recently received an email from our partners over at Minted offering their top 3 ideas to enhance your holiday photo cards.  We like them all, so we thought we would share.  Even when we order printed invitations, we almost always try to add a personalized touch – for example, on Robbie’s Bar Mitzvah invitations we hand colored the embossed Torah.  We wouldn’t think of sending out a card without a lovely envelope liner – liners really do make a huge difference in presentation.  The only idea we are not 100% sold on is the insertion of confetti in your holiday card.  Sometimes it works but more often the confetti gets all over and it is more annoying than endearing. We also really like the hand-pressed cards with gold and silver foil, exclusively available at Minted. The foil gives the cards a dimension and sparkle that cannot be achieved with traditional printing.

Minted's Find It Fast Holiday Card Feature

Minted’s Find It Fast Holiday Card Feature – As you can see, only 2 of the cards work with this particular photo of a family wearing matching pajamas.

As an aside, we are officially now obsessed with Minted’s Find It Fast holiday card option.  Basically, all you do is upload the photo you plan to use for your holiday card and then Minted shows you exactly how it will look on all their cards.  We love this feature.  You can immediately tell whether or not the photo will work with the style card.  You can also determine very quickly if you might need to take another picture.  Our best advice is never force any one picture to work.  All photos are not cut out to be holiday cards – try it for yourself and you will immediately see what we mean.  Here we added a big red x on the cards that weren’t even an option – mostly the heads are cut off but how about the one with the mustache branches across the mom’s face 🙂

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