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If you wander into my garage, once you get over the mess, the first thing you will notice is the sheer number of lawn and outdoor games we have collected over the years.  Yes, for much of the year they sit idle but for the couple of times a year the bocce, croquet, badminton, and horseshoe sets are pulled out and played, they are well worth the investment.  The memories of those warm afternoons, the entire family gathered together, just hanging, playing, chatting, and laughing truly are forever.  When the now grown kids come home for a special family occasion, we relive the fun. I even plan to set them up this Thanksgiving in the backyard for multi-generational respite.  We live in the San Diego area  so weather should not be an issue 🙂  In fact, if it is warm enough, I may even choose to carelessly leave around a few frisbees and the super soakers Uncle Tom gave the kids many moons ago that provided hours and hours of summer fun.

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