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Family Superhero Capes

Family Superhero Capes

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We confess – we too are obsessed with superhero capes so when we happened up this post by, we had to share! 

Years ago, I hand crafted capes for all three of my children’s birthday parties.  Daniel’s were Batman inspired black capes, Izzy’s were pink with matching tutus, and well truthfully, I cannot remember what I made for Robbie’s birthday but they clearly were not all that impressive.

All I know that the whole process was very time consuming and although not inexpensive, the capes were so flimsy they barely made it through a single wear. In retrospect, I wish I had spent more money on good quality capes that kids could wear over and over again.

So today when I received an email from Zazzle introducing their new customizablePersonalized Superhero Costumes with Capes, I knew we had to share. In our last post about sports fan capes we lamented the fact that the capes were not available in adult sizes.  Not so here! With Zazzle’s  Personalized Superhero Costume with Cape first you choose your size – Sidekick (22″), Hero (30″) or Superhero (48″).  Then you can choose your cape color (12 options), cape symbol (6 options), custom initial text, eye mask color (8 options), wristband symbol (53 options), and wristband color (8 options).

Family Personalized Superhero Costumes with Capes


Personalized Superhero Costume with Cape

How fun is this!  You can outfit the entire family in a cape of each family member’s own choosing (or choose a single symbol to use as your “family crest” and let everyone choose their own colors and add their own initials). These superhero capes. eye masks & wristbands are perfect for nights your family devotes to pretend play and would make a fabulous family photo for this year’s holiday card!

 Superhero capes would also make a fun cousin gift when the entire family gathers together to celebrate Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We think it is a perfect ice-breaker for cousins who may not have seen each other for a year or more, yet are expected to be best friends.  And of course, it almost goes without saying, your family will be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween as you all trick or treat together in your matching family superhero capes!

Dare to be great!

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