Best Dog and Cat Necklaces

Dogeared Dog and Cat Necklaces

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Yes, we love dogs and cats and just about all animals and  cannot imagine not sharing that little tidbit of ourselves with everyone we come in contact with. But the dilemma is how to do so without bringing each and every conversation back to how great our pets are. After all, even we admit our business colleagues probably have neither the interest nor the time to discuss how cute Tiger Lily is when she sits patiently at the steps to greet us each night or when she tries to hop on my lap despite weighing close to 70 pounds or basically when she does anything and everything. So we have devised a slightly more subtle way of proclaiming our pet love. Every morning I put on my latest necklace obsession, a Dogeared dog bone necklace. I not only wear Dogeared necklaces myself, I give them to all my friends who are also obsessed with their pets. I even give these dog and cat necklaces to friends obsessed with puppies and kitties but have not yet taken the leap into pet parenthood yet. Yes, I am referring to you Paige and Catherine! So check them out today >> Dogeared Gold-Dipped Cat Necklace | Dogeared Dog Lover Bone-Pendant Necklace

Dogeared Dog and Cat Necklaces

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