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With Halloween looming on the horizon we are launching a new daily series showcasing some of our favorite  Halloween costume ideas.  Although our focus will be groups – sexy couples, loving families, gaggles of teens, and even entire costume parties devoted to various takes on a single theme ie Gangnam Style – we may just have to throw in a few fabulous costume ideas for individuals too.  How fun will this be!  We are not sure how long we can keep this up – that is coming up with a new costume idea every day – so we are begging you, please, please, leave us a comment with your suggestions.   Rather than bombarding the entire site with Halloween mania, you can access all of our ideas directly at Great Gets Halloween Costumes – bookmark it!

Day 1 | Family Costumes

Mommy, Daddy & Baby Gardening Costumes

So to start the series off well let’s open with our favorite family costume – this adorable Mommy, Daddy & Me Baby’s 1st Halloween Gardening theme was the brainchild of  The idea of watering and tending a little seed and  watching it grow and bloom is so symbolic of the parenting process.  Plus the costumes and props are too, too cute!  Both mom and dad can easily raid their closets – wear a white t- shirt, jeans or overalls, gardening hat, gardening gloves, and carry a lovely garden tools tote or a playful watering can. Wheel both your blossoming baby and ladybug puppy around in a wheelbarrow!

Dare to be great!

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