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Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Halloween Costume Ideas

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Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Inspired Halloween Costumes

Prediction – The Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s costumes will be this year’s Couples Costumes of the Year!

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One of this year’s must see movies  was the Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby.  A close friend and F. Scott Fitzgerald fanatic reserved an entire theater for his friends and family to view the Warner Bros. Pictures Baz Luhrmann big screen adaptation of the The Great Gatsby. Admission was complimentary but costumes were required.  Although I balked about the costumes all the way to the parking lot, I must admit, this was hands down the event of the year and the costumes made the party.  Everyone got completely decked out in roaring 20’s attire.  Although most of the men donned dapper classic tuxedos like the one worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in the poster, a few chose garden party White Linen Suits and Stetson St. Andrews Caps more like the one Robert Redford wore in the 1974 movie.  Both of these looks are easy to wear and any guy can pull them off.

Options for women are way more fun and very wearable, no matter your shape or size.  I accessorized my flapper dress with my mom’s full length fur coat retrieved from oblivion just for the night and although it definitely help me make quite the entrance the coat was extremely heavy and uncomfortably hot for a warm May night.

Underneath the coat I wore a cute flapper dress. I had so many options it was hard to choose between these very reasonably priced Anna-Kaci flapper dresses on Amazon.  To complete the outfits I ordered a coordinating boaLong Satin Gloves, a Costume Cigarette Holder, a flapper wig or headband or hat, and flapper beads / pearls.  If you, like so many of us, are not a size small or medium, these flapper costumes with cap sleeves are pretty darn cute for the curvy woman!

  Toe Tapping Flapper Plus Size Costume  Deluxe Plus Size Black Flapper Dress

Plus Size Flapper Costumes

    Flapper Halloween Costume Accessories

Remember creating a Great Gatsby costume is all about the details

  • Details, details, details. Epaulets, pearls, rhinestones, and sequins were highly used during this time period to add glitz to an evening outfit.
  • Slender silhouettes. While you could still see a full skirt, long hemline, and high neck, the robe de style dress featuring a drop waist and straight cut was the most popular style.
  • Haute headpieces. To top off the entire look, add a whimsical & decadent headpiece. You can even DIY a fabulous headband with ribbon, feathers, and gemstones!
  • And don’t forget the perfect shoe!


If you are looking for cute girls Great Gatsby flapper costumes, look no further.  We put together a few ideas to inspire your child’s look whether you are going trick or treating as a family or your little one wants to stand out on her own.

For more flapper costumes ideas Amazon also has some really cute Roaring 20’s style clothes and accessories.

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Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Inspired New Year’s Eve Party Dresses & Accessories

Roaring 20s Great Gatsby New Years Eve Party Dresses    Great Gatsby Roaring 20s New Years Party Dresses   Roaring 20s Great Gatsby Inspired Party Acceessories

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