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Kigurumi Halloween Costume Ideas

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Day 3: This year’s craze – Kigurumi Costumes

What is “kigurumi”? Kigurumi is the name for costumed characters. The name comes from the Japanese verb “kiru” (to wear) and noun “nuigurumi” (stuffed toy) As part of the Japanese Pop culture these costumes are worn to parties, events, Halloween, and even shop openings. And much like Japanese Anime these costumes are gaining popularity because not only are they so, so cute, they are so, sooooo cozy.

This year we already envision entire Halloween costume parties requesting “Kigurumi Only Attire” and whole groups of adorable trick or treaters ringing your door wearing a variety of kigurumi characters. Post Halloween, we can imagine this becoming the must wear teen slumber party apparel and don’t be surprised if you see them on the streets too.  Think Geek employees even wear them to the office!   In fact, kigurumi may very well be this year’s answer to the snuggie:)

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