Katy Perry SNL Roar Costume Ideas

Katy Perry Roar Group Costumes

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By Sarina

Group Costumes

On this Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the very talented Katy Perry performed her latest hit “Roar”. Katy, her band members, and even the stage were all dressed in a jungle party theme to resemble the song’s music video.The band members were dressed as Elephants, Zebras, and Giraffes! Oh My! So we thought what a brilliant idea for a Halloween Group Costume! Take a look at these roaring cool costumes we picked out for you and your group of friends. Perfect for all ages- adults,teens, and kids. Channel your inner Katy Perry, collect your animal friends and be the queen of the jungle this Halloween!!

 Any of these three costumes above would be perfect to channel your inner jungle diva! And the rest of your jungle posse would look great wearing these adorable animal costumes below! Plus, if you’re going out with a group of girl friends feel free to check these sexier twists to this idea!  Now all you have to do is decide which lucky person gets to be Katy!

 This Halloween theme would also be a great for families!! We have some cute Mommy, Daddy and me costumes for you! Mom could wear one of the Katy Perry Roar Costume , put Dad in the White Tiger Costume and we think Baby would look so adorable in the Lil’ Elephant costume.

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