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Featured Pool Floats>> Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Gets love swimming anywhere and everywhere.  Although we are not likely to bring a floating device to our local beach, a day at the pool would not be complete without a fabulous pool float or two. Actually, we are a bit obsessed! As you know, we have been way into flamingos. Izzy even wore a flamingo costume this Halloween and we still love our Glamingo Flamingo lawn decorations but have to admit feeling a bit traitorous as we pine for this fabulous pineapple pool float and flip for the flip flop float. So many options, we are having trouble choosing our favorite!

Fabulous Pool Floats

Giant Pineapple Pool Floats

Giant Pineapple Pool Float

Imagine yourself floating in your pool, sipping a tropical drink while a ukulele serenades you—palm trees swaying in the breeze. Then reality strikes, and your realize you’re still at work and its Tuesday. Get to your tropical happy-place faster with our ultra-comfy pineapple pool float. It’s 6 feet long, letting you lounge in style any way imaginable.

Giant Flip Flop Float

Jumbo Flip Flop Pool Float
Don’t let this summer be a “flop”. This giant happy face sandal will turn heads and make people stop and smile at just how cool it is.

Star Trek Captain’s Chair Float

Star Trek Captains Chair Float
Looking for something more out of this world? This captain’s chair float from Star Trek is a sure fire hit for any sci-fi fan.

Giant Strawberry Donut Pool Toy

Giant Strawberry Donut Pool Toy
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this giant pink strawberry donut is the perfect option for you. Make summer a bit sweeter when floating on your favorite treat.

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float
Take out bite out of the heat this summer and relax in the water on this yummy ice cream sandwich float . Keep cool in the pool while dreaming of a snack…and then go enjoy one. It’s the best of both worlds when you get to sleep and tan on your favorite treat, then take a break from relaxing to eat.

Giant Pool Pong Float Game

Giant Pool Pong Float Game
It’s a float, no it’s a game, no it’s both a float and a game! Perfect for a pool party, a competition or just floating around, this interactive pool pong float means a lot of fun for people of all ages. Remember red plastic cups can be filled with lemonade just as easily as beer.

Beverage Boats

Beverage Boats

WOW! Look! There are even matching pool floats for your beverage, aka beverage boats” | More Beverage Boats

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