Psy Gangnam Style Halloween Costumes

Psy Gangnam Style Costume Ideas

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Day 9: Group Costumes

One of our favorite days is Thursday because we not only enjoy creating throwback Thursday Instagrams (follow us at pipros) but love checking out everyone else’s throwback photos.  Having said that, the one thing that we don’t quite get is the fact that “throwback”  can mean as long ago as last week.  Really? But since we can’t beat them, let’s join them.

There is no doubt that Psy and his Gangnam style is very last year but that doesn’t stop us from smiling every time we hear the song and watch the video – it is still funny.  We definitely think you can still don this “throwback” look this year (and for many years to come).  It is fun, colorful, sexy, and approaching iconic.  Your friends will know exactly who you are and will undoubtedly smile and immediately break into the horse dance.

Our friends over at Party Idea {Pros} did a fabulous job compiling Psy Gangnam Style costumes for both guys and gals.  Rather than reinvent the genre, we will simply send you directly to their posts. 🙂

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