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Day 5: Teen Costumes

Most teenage girls we know travel in packs and love coordinating their costumes. One year all of Izzy’s high school girlfriends dressed as storybook characters.  Another year they all dressed in neon.  Not sure yet what this year will bring…crayons, candy, goth, witches, goddesses, sesame street, superheroes?   Whatever they choose, I have no doubt the costumes will be too short and too sexy for their parents’ taste.  But these body hugging tank dresses may satisfy both parents and teens.  They can be layered for both warmth and coverage by adding a tank top underneath.  If they are too short…that’s why leggings were invented.  :) By picking similarly styled dresses all the girls will “match” but can still differentiate themselves by choosing a character they most relate to – i.e. the sweetsie girl can chose a Toy Story Buzz Lightyear costume dress where the more edgy girl might choose a Darth Vader tank dress or the girls may prefer to all go retro and wear coordinating Power Ranger Tunic Dresses.  So cute!  Best yet, these costumes are all priced under $30.00.  Hurry – at these prices, we promise you these costumes will not be available as we get closer to Halloween.

Note: Many of the dresses shown are Juniors dresses, so double check the sizing!

Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear tank dressjessie tank dress
buzz lightyear hot topic dress  toy story woody dress
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume Dress
(Make sure to click on correct color) | Toy Story Jessie Costume Dress (Make sure to click on correct color) | Hot Topic Buzz Lightyear Dress | Woody Tank Dress

Super Heroes

batman with cape robin with cape superwoman tank dress wonderwoman with cape
Batgirl, Robin, Supergirl, or Wonderwoman Tank Dress with Detachable Cape
– choose your favorite!
batman tank dress superman tank dresscaptain america tank dress harley quinn tank dress
Batman Tank Dress with Belt Decal
| Superwoman Tank Dress with Belt Decal | Harley Quinn Tank Dress | Captain America Tank Dress

Crayola Crayons

blue crayon dress green crayon dress pink crayon dress purple crayon dress
Sky Blue Crayon Dress
| Screamin’ Green Crayon Dress | Tickle Me Pink Crayon Dress | Wisteria (Purple) Crayon Dress

Adventure Time

finn tank dress jake tank dress lady rainicorn tank dress lumpy space princess tank dressbeemo tank top dress
Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, or Lumpy Space Princess Tank Dress
| Don’t forget Beemo!

Star Wars


green m and m tank dress laffy taffy tank dress nerds tank dresstootsie roll tank dress
twix tank dress   Gumball Popstar Costume Tank Dress as seen on Katy Perry
Green M&M Dress
| Laffy Taffy Teen Costume | Nerds Teen Dress | Tootsie Roll Teen Costume | Twix Tank ADULT Costume | Gumball Popstar Costume Tank Dress (as seen on Katy Perry)

Diet Coke Tank Dress  Coca-Cola Tank Dress Costume

Diet Coke Tank Dress | Coca-Cola Tank Dress

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