Week 4: Top 5 Trending Costumes & Accessories

Top 5 Trending Halloween Costumes and Accessories

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This is week 4 of Great Gets Top 5  Trending Costumes for Halloween.  Why are we featuring this week’s trending costumes?  Because if you are at all interested in buying any of the costumes featured on this trending costumes page, we highly recommend that you do not dawdle.  These are the costumes that sell out first!  We have learned from experience.  It never fails – as soon as we fall in love with a particular look, others do too and poof – we are out of luck.  This is especially important when thinking about your children. As you well know, once your child has his or her mind set on a particular character, that is the end of the discussion.  Nothing else will do.  So please, do not wait until the last minute.  Every year we receive dozens of emails begging us to find a source for that year’s hot costume and although generally we are successful that success is relative.  It almost always entails some kind of compromise – whether it be an off color costume or poorly constructed costume or ridiculously expensive version of the costume. Although we are always looking for the great get, Halloween gets closer and closer, we highly recommend not waiting for the perfect sale. Buy the costume you want when you see it because if you wait for the best deal, there is a good chance it will be out of stock through the end of this year’s Halloween season.

Disney Sofia the First Costume

Ninja Costumes

Catwoman & Her Men Costumes

Dare to be great!

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