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Save up to 68% on Beautiful Musical Jewelry Boxes!

Music Box Christmas Sale

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Now that it is time to get serious about holiday shopping, we immediately turned our attention to Music Box Attic.  Yep, we are obsessed. Since our youth we have always collected beautiful musical jewelry boxes so happening upon Music Box Attic brought huge smiles to our faces. Not only are we in love with their large collection of beautiful musical jewelry boxes, their everyday prices are fabulous. And today we just received word that all three of the featured musical jewelry boxes are eligible for an additional 15% OFF when you use the code mditl15 at checkout! That means you can save up to 68% OFF! And that is not all >> all three musical jewelry boxes qualify for FREE Shipping!!! Now that is what we call a great get!

Save up to 68% on Beautiful Musical Jewelry Boxes!

Beautiful Music Box Christmas Presents, Beautiful Musical Jewelry Boxes

Modern Pastel Checkered Sorrento Music Jewelry Box With Lock And KeyAbstract Expressionism Sorrento Musical Jewelry BoxArtistic Light Blue Box

All three of these beautiful musical jewelry boxes are available in 18 note, 22 note, and 30 note options and have more than 440 songs from which to chose (including some songs with discontinued & very rare Swiss movement). We highly recommend you personalize the box by choosing a song that holds special meaning for your gift recipient. You can also add a premium brass plaque engravement and opt for your musical jewelry box to be gift wrapped.

Don’t forget to use promo code mditl15 at checkout to save an additional 15% thru December 31, 2015.

Dare to be great!

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