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Add Riedel Short Stem Wine Glasses to Your Holiday Wish List

Riedel Vinum Gourmet Glasses

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For weeks Robbie, Matt & I have been enjoying wine with dinner since I needed wine bottles for my Thanksgiving table centerpiece decor.  I had bought 6 triple arm wine bottle candelabras to bookend the flower centerpieces I had used on the three Thanksgiving tables.  Every night the struggle to get the wine glasses to fit into the dish washer begins. It is not as if I own fabulous glasses. In fact they are very ordinary, with too thick rims. The final straw was when I opened the dishwasher this morning and found that one of the wine glasses was not only broken but had chipped the glass it was resting against. The time has come – I need to find reasonably priced everyday wine glasses that will fit into my dish washer.  Amazon Prime to the rescue!  Check out these beautiful 5 star wine glasses from Riedel.  Reviewers rave.  I like that there is still a stem to twirl and play with and best yet, the glasses will  just squish into my dish washer, standing only 6 1/4 inch tall! Problem solved. Glasses ordered!

We think a set of four Riedel Vinum Gourmet Glasses would make a lovely holiday present with (or without) a nice bottle of celebratory wine for 20 somethings, business colleagues, or anyone who enjoys a glass of wine with dinner.

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