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Classic & Timeless Waterford Lismore is Chic & Modern Again!

Waterford Lismore 60th Anniversary

FTC Disclosure

We hate to admit it, but for the last few years we have been feeling a bit defensive about our Waterford Lismore barware.  Although the Waterford Lismore has been Waterford’s pre-eminent design for 60 years and its classic and timeless design graces the finest homes, castles, and places of prestige, for about a decade now modern tables seem to be sporting less ornate patterns.  Simplicity ruled the dining rule table and we were looking a bit 1980’s.  But as with everything, what is old is new again.  This last month we received a Gets wedding invitation and lo and behold, this very chic and modern bride had registered for Waterford Lismore!  YAY!  We are back on trend and are now ready to replace those chipped or broken glasses in time for holiday entertaining!

Waterford Lismore Classic Elegance

Just thought you should know … when originally, asked to write an article about Waterford from our partners over at eAccountable, we jumped at the idea because as we have indicated innumerable times, we not only love the products and the company, our entire butlers pantry runneth over with Waterford pitchers, barware, and candlesticks and unlike most of the hundreds of emails that come across our  desks every day, we can wholeheartedly endorse anything and everything Waterford.

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