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12 Necktie Knots and How to Tie Them – Plus, Ties for a Cause!

How2 tie a necktie knot, how2 tie a bow tie

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I am not quite sure how many times one son or another has called from school, a bit hysterical, not knowing how to tie his necktie. The only thing harder than making a knot is explaining how2 over the phone.  So we were thrilled to discover‘s knot guide.  Who knew there were so many different knot options.  Here is a great necktie knots visual. Just choose which knot you prefer for the occasion (yes, the knot you choose does depend on where you are going and what event you are attending), and click the link for detailed instructions.  There are even bow tie instructions!

12 necktie knots and how to tie them!

Now that you know how to tie your necktie, pick up a new tie designed by one of these professional athletes with all proceeds going to child abuse prevention. Not only do we love the ties, we are very partial to the cause and are definitely giving a few as Valentine’s Day gifts for the men in our lives. It seems like so much less of a splurge when we choose truly meaningful gifts.  Which is your favorite style?

Ties for a Cause - Child Abuse  Prevention

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