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Arrow Decorative Pillow | Pi Beta Phi Room Decor

Pi Beta Phi Room Room Decor with Arrow Decorative Pillow

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Aim to Please Decorative Arrow Pillow, Pi Beta Phi Room Decor

Pi Beta Phi Room Decor – Aim to Please Decorative Pillow

If you haven’t settled on your dorm room or sorority house bedroom decor yet, we stumbled upon this fabulous arrow pillow from Amazon that just screams to be used in a Pi Phi’s bedroom. We decided to go with a vibrantly multicolored floral-and-patterned print quilt (one you won’t see in every other dorm room) and to stick with basic white sheets.  We thought these white with blue cross stitched heart pillowcases are simple enough to actually work as an accent on against this quilt. Yes, the colors are not exact but they definitely compliment the look and both pillows add the all important element of pi phi love!   We considered going way more simple like the Free Verse Reveries Duvet Cover but having recently visited a university dorm room decided that most dorm rooms can truly benefit from a bit of wild and crazy.  It makes them look and feel happy and homey rather than like a hotel room.  An added practical plus – this quilt will won’t show the dirt!

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