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Create a Focal Point in Your Room with Sheer Patterned Curtains

Study with sheer pattern curtains

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We love the way this bright and sunny gallery loft / sewing room featured on Houzz combines simple white and chrome furnishings with sheer patterned curtains that serve as the focal point of the room.  Although we couldn’t find the exact curtain, there were so many patterned sheer curtains we had a hard time choosing.  In the end we narrowed our choices to those that would help bring the outside in, like the ones featured in the photo.

Sheer Patterned Curtains

Sheer Garden Pattern Window Curtains, sheer patterned curtains

Green Window Curtains

At just &68.50 for a pair of 30″ x 60″ curtains and $88.00 for 30″ x 84″ curtains, we would even consider buying a few different patterns to change periodically throughout the year. With a simply furnished room such as this, almost any pattern or color palette will look great. A few months ago we bought the black & white striped sheers but the more we scroll through all of the available patterns, the more tempted we are to pick up a different pair for every season.

Don’t forget to check the dark gray stripe that runs across the top of the CafePress site announcing the current deal.  If at all possible, I highly recommend jumping right on it.  I saved over $25.00 because I happened to catch the site at the right time.

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