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Self-Publish Your Own Comic Books

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Have you always wanted to self-publish your own cartoon, comic or art book? Now with the fabulous self-publishing tools at Blurb you can do so yourself without the need of an agent or a publisher! And if you are worried about quality, don’t be! The quality of Blurb books is on par with any of the major publishing houses.  Don’t just take our word for it – one of the all time comic book greats, Paul Rivoche, acclaimed for his Batman and Ironman illustrations, extolls the virtues of Blurb in the featured video. Truthfully, stick figure drawing is a challenge for us let alone penning an entire book of full color cartoons but if you have those skills and that talent – please, please share them with the world.

Self-Publish Your Own Comic Books

Just an  aside – in the video Paul Rivoche talks about using Adobe photoshop as his favorite graphic design platform.  If you dabble in graphic design and have not purchased a copy of any of the Adobe design products because of the monetary investment, Adobe is now offering monthly plans for its Creative Cloud applications including special pricing for educators and students and free 30 day app trials, perfect for completing single projects!

Creating Comic Books with Blurb

Dare to be great! 

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