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Pokémon Go, Go Safely

Pokemon Go, Go Safely

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By now everyone has heard of the phenomenon of Pokemon Go! – it has been covered on local and national news networks, social media, tech blogs and the like. Your kids might be playing it and your coworkers are talking about it. Pokemon Go! appeals to kids and adults alike, but it’s not without its inherent security risks and dangers.  

Pokémon Go, Go Safely

Norton has developed a valuable and educational three-part series that dives into the game’s security risks, provides tips for parents talking to their children about awareness and safety, as well as the real life physical dangers the game presents to its users.

Norton Three-Part Educational Series

The first installment in the series “Pokémon Go Cyber Security and Privacy Guidelines” addresses current cyber security risks such as Trojanized fake apps, online scams, Google privacy issues and real world scams. In addition to these threats, the piece also dives into the game’s very interesting Terms of Service, with specific sections called out for the user to take note of.

The second article, “Pokémon Go Parents Guide for Children, is designed to help parents start a conversation with their children on the potential threats they may encounter, set boundaries on gameplay and encourages parents to join the fun with their children!

The third installment, “Pokémon Go Real World Risks and Safety Tips, addresses the physical dangers in the real world. You may have seen the sensational headlines about muggings, teens finding dead bodies, and tweets showing users bruised and banged up from not paying attention to what they are doing while playing the game. This article addresses these issues, and offers some tips for users to be more aware of the real world around them while engrossed in gameplay.

Conclusions & Solutions

Norton Antivirus

So our take-away >> please be vigilant regarding your digital security! Norton Mobile Security prevents apps with malware and viruses from being installed on your device prior to download and allows you to safely browse on your mobile devices. Norton Security Deluxe offers protection against malware on all your devices, including smartphones and tablets. Norton Security Premium is the best of all worlds, with family safety features included so kids can explore their connected world safely via mobile devices, Macs, and PCs. Any of these three products should roducts that will help you and your family play Pokemon Go! with peace of mind.

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